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digital marketing

tell it sell it

Tell your story, don't yell it

It wasn’t too long ago when “online marketing” was simply a subcategory of marketing. Today online marketing or rather “digital marketing” is the main marketing strategy for many companies. Startups, small businesses, as well as enterprise corporations know all too well the vital role of digital marketing in the digital age.
At ProQoda our approach to digital marketing is characterized by 3 main components; Objective, Strategy, and Data. Before venturing into any campaign we like to know what your long and short term goals and objectives are, before strategizing and tailoring a digital marketing solution to your needs.
In today’s over stimulated consumer market it’s more important than ever to tell a story about your brand through proper content strategy than to bombard and disrupt a consumer with unassuming ads. That is why inbound marketing is more relevant and important than ever before. Our inbound marketing services include but are not limited to: Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including SEO and PPC, new content marketing/management.

Traditional Marketing

In addition to inbound marketing we recognize that certain marketing strategies require more traditional marketing. ProQoda also offers outbound marketing services including email marketing, direct mail, transit advertising, billboards, and much more.
Contact ProQoda and let us work with you to build a solid digital marketing strategy.